Strigaris Urban Construction Heritage

SUCH is a construction and development company since 1972. SUCH’s approach in design and construction focuses on the human factor. Our goal is to perfect this anthropocentric approach with each and every one of our projects. Our heritage since 1972 provides us with the experience necessary in order to achieve the goals we set. Always keeping in mind the urbanization of the contemporary way of living, our aim is to treat every construction site as a totally unique experience with its own set of distinct parameters. Every construction project is fine tuned to the needs of each client, working together to create the perfect home, sharing their joy in the creation process and assisting in fulfilling their lifelong dreams. Our goal is to ensure that our buildings serve both their functional and aesthetic roles, whilst fulfilling necessary urban requirements. We treat our role of housing people and families with the outmost importance and respect and strive everyday to be the best in what we do.